Our Story – Sara Sells

Our Story

Sara Sells is a dream realized.

It's so much more than beautiful home furnishings.

Beginning in 2016, Sara, on a hunch and a whim, bought a truck and started buying deeply discounted returns and overstock items to resell online. It was a hit from day one, and buy-sale-trade groups quickly saw Sara’s success. She started her own group to market items and it grew to nearly 3,000 followers in those early days.

In 2017, when her sources for larger furniture items changed strategies, so did she. Despite feeling overwhelmed and underprepared, she attended Atlanta market and connected with established vendors/manufacturers, most of which she still works with today. Her success drew attention again, but this time from a friend believing that Sara Sells could jump to the next level. He sparked a completely different vision asking if she’d consider a brick and mortar. And just like in 2017, within a few months, a warehouse in College Grove, TN was found and their first in-person weekend sale was planned. 

Those faithful Sara Sells followers from social media led to nearly 300 people shopping the first sale. That year was spent finding a rhythm and style that would serve customers all across Tennessee. 

Sara was living her dream. Sara Sells became not just a place for her to curate, merchandise, and run a business but a way to give back to a community she cares for deeply. She partnered with the women of Mercy Multiplied, a place dear to her heart, and then found the hard-working men of Narrow Gate to be a welcomed addition to the team. Her gift was being shared and Sara Sells was growing.

Expansion happened again in 2018 and 2020, bringing designer items to everyday people in Nashville and Memphis and expanding further in 2022 to Birmingham, Alabama. In just five years, Sara went from a member of her neighborhood buy-sell-trade group to the owner of a monthly warehouse sale that draws thousands of people each month. 

Today, Sara Sells is a fun, unconventional shopping experience in a curated warehouse where you can shop quality furniture for less. And the best part, items can be taken home that day — no lead time, no shipping, no need to wait. We can’t wait to welcome you to our next sale!

"We finally attended the Sara Sells warehouse sale last month and were not disappointed. The sale has wonderfully priced in style furniture, lamps, rugs and accessories. Seriously, the prices on several of the items we purchased online were double or triple her price. Sara and her staff were all very nice and helpful."

– Ashley E

Why People Travel Hours for Sara Sells' Furniture Sales

To say that the Sara Sells monthly furniture sales around the South draw a crowd would be an understatement — some folks plan their whole season around these events!